“Peanut butter crackers!”, silliness & stress

During the very first official WinkyFace shot, I somehow made a big clunking noise when I rolled my chair and it pulled on a lav mic that was wired under my shirt.

Laurie, When we said we were “rolling,” that is not what we meant!

No one actually said that, but we did all laugh at the bumpy beginning of our film day.

(Sidenote: We’ll be using wireless on Day 2 when we’re mostly shooting Lindsey so she won’t run into such oddly funny problems, and we’re hoping to get a splitter so we can use two wireless lavs on Day 3 when Linds and I will both be on film). (Are you impressed with my technical language? I really know nothing, but I do know that you gotta learn the lingo in order to join the discourse community, a.k.a. community of practice, a.k.a. posse.)

Anyhow, I made a big clunking noise right after the camera started rolling for the first shot, and that made us all laugh, and several times over the course of the filming I would begin cracking up for less reason than that. When I needed help getting serious, Lindsey would say, “Peanut butter crackers!” She said that was supposed to do the trick.

What actually happened was that when I felt giggles coming on, I would think “Peanut butter crackers!”, and that would be the thought that would push me over the edge. Thanks, Lindsey! 😉


That was the silliness. Now here’s a recounting of the stress.

I was actually surprised at how much energy I used during the video shooting. If I were looking at the whole scene, it would be clear to me that Lindsey and Mackenzie and Brigid were working their patooties off. They were figuring out the light kit and the cameras and the mic, they were actually filming the shots and keeping track of the whole process, and they were moving around constantly and thinking about details so it will all work once we’re at the editing stage in a few weeks.

Mackenzie, Brigid, & Lindsey setting up.

Mackenzie, Brigid, & Lindsey setting up.

Me, I mostly just sat around and said some words or made very particular faces or did very simple actions.

But I was exhausted when we were done. Partly, it might’ve been because I was nervous beforehand, just like Lindsey. And the other part, I think, had to do with worries about how I’d look and sound on camera. Brigid and Mackenzie were in a couple shots, and I wonder if they had those worries, too. I felt very self-conscious being the one who was being looked at by the other three people in the room. The lesson? I may pretend to be an actor for these vids, but I am definitely not an actor.

Now I’m looking forward to Tuesday to see the experience from the other side of the camera. And I’m ready to shout “peanut butter crackers” whenever Lindsey needs me to!

Laurie, who is not an actor...

Laurie, who is not an actor…

…but who sometimes pretends to be one.
…but who sometimes pretends to be one.


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I teach writing and literature classes at Pace University in Pleasantville, NY.

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