Composing is messy

I spent a good portion of today writing. I spent a good portion of yesterday doing video editing.

What a mess!

What feels even messier is that I’m drafting part of an article Laurie and I are working on about writing (and digital composing) being messy. Here’s just how messy my draft is looking right now:

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 8.35.36 PM

OMG. My head is spinning just looking at the mess.

And, as I write, I keep thinking to myself,

Yep, this is how it goes. Be one with it. Own it. Go with the flow. Embrace the mess.

But it’s making me nuts! I can’t stand when my house is messy. The same goes for my writing. I even tweeted this earlier today:

Writing is messy. Like a tornado. I can practically see the Wicked Witch’s shoes peeking out from beneath my draft. #scholarlyprobs

It’s true, though, that writing and composing isn’t a neat process. And it is a frustrating process. Hence, why I’ve abandoned my draft to write a blog post. The messier the writing, the more breaks I seem to need to clear my head from all the clutter.

Video editing has proven to be equally messy. Given its non-linear nature, plopping in footage here, sound there, cropping this, don’t-forget-to-go-back-and-fix-that-part-at-the-beginning, it’s a time-consuming process. And, in some sick way, like writing, it’s also enjoyable.

If you asked Laurie, she would confirm that I said to her just yesterday,

I’m actually looking forward to doing some writing.

Yeah, until I actually started writing, that was. It’s such a love-hate thing. Can you relate? Share some of your writing secrets in the comments below. What helps you break through the clutter? (Seriously, please. I could use some good advice.)

Well, better get back to it. This paper isn’t going to draft itself … and I’m only on the first draft. Oh, the road that lies ahead … (or is it lays? I had to Google it. Ugh. Writing is so much work!) 😉


About Lindsey Wotanis

Assistant professor of communication arts. Lover of writing, YouTube, and peanut butter.

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